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Correcting Horizons
A Simple Neutral-Density Graduated Filter
A Coloured Graduated Filter
Infra-Red With Digital cameras

Using filters on a Sigma 12-24/4.5-5.6 DG HSM lens with cropped-sensor digital cameras

Using Cokin X-Pro filters on the Sigma 12-24 on a full-frame camera


The Lazy Photographer's Guides

These articles will form a series of articles covering much of the UK. They are basically a list of locations I have programmed into my GPS Satellite Navigator - many of which I have visited, the rest being places I intend to get to some day.They are not comprehensive guides to the regions, only the parts I have been to and photographed - or intend to.

They will not contain any photographs, the intention being simply to provide information about location, access and likely subjects. I have photographs of many of the locations in my galleries at www.f22.org.uk if you want to see what you could see before setting out.

I've called them The Lazy Photographer's Guides since most of the locations are less than half a mile from road access.

Yorkshire Dales

North Wales

North-West England

Isle of Skye

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