Burney Tarn

Type; Natural
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Location; West of Great Burney
Accessibility; Access Land
Grid Ref; SD 254 859
Elevation; 156m (512 feet)
Size; 120m x 95m (390 x 300 feet)
Area; 0.8 hectares (2 acres)
Depth; 2m (6½ feet)
Meaning of name;
Alternative name(s);

Situated on a marshy shelf to the west of Great Burney in the Furness Fells, Burney Tarn is not particularly accessible. Despite being on Access Land, the marsh around is pretty extensive and the tarn itself is surrounded by high reeds. There are a few small hummocks to the north and the east from which some form of vantage point may be obtained whilst retaining fairly dry feet.

On my visit in March 2007, the reeds were low enough to reveal quite a reasonable expanse of open water, so it would appear that silting-up is not a significant problem as yet.