Galls Tarn

Type; Natural
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Location; Troutbeck Bridge
Accessibility; Private
Grid Ref; NY 409 003
Elevation; 141m (462 feet)
Size; 15m x 5m (50 x 15 feet)
Depth; 1 m (3 feet)
Meaning of name;
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Galls Tarn lies in woodland at the back of a school near Troutbeck Bridge. It is a tiny, uninspiring "puddle" which, if my GPS hadn't told me I was there, I could easily have mistaken for a drainage pool for the all-weather sports pitch that has been built next to it.
It is possible that it was once a stone quarry, certainly it has been there as since before the main building was built in the 1830s. It has neither inflow nor outfall, appearing to be maintained by water seeping through the subsoil from the fell above and to the east.
When I visited it looked close to stagnant, covered with green algae - barely even worth photographing.