Haskew Tarn

Type; Natural
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Location; Swindale Common
Accessibility; Access Land
Grid Ref; NY 520 113
Elevation; 466 m (1528 feet)
Size; 84 x 55m (216 x 180 feet)
Area; 0.14 hectares (0.34 acres)
Depth; 1m (3 feet)
Meaning of name;
Alternative name(s);

Haskew Tarn lies in a peaty bowl between Swindale and Wet Sleddale. The outflow channel is deep though peat filled, indicating that the outflow was much stronger in past times. This could mean that the tarn was once much larger, possibly the whole basin was ice-filled before the present peat surface was formed, certainly the present tarn is comparatively recent. At one time, the western shore was wooded.

The tarn may be accessed either from Swindale or (as I did) from Wet Sleddale, the distance is about the same. Photographically, its attraction is that it is so isolated. Reasonable visibility is needed to be able to show it in the whole landscape, on its own I don't think it works so well.