Kelly Hall Tarn

Type; Natural, enlarged by damming
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Location; Torver Back Common
Accessibility; Access Land
Grid Ref; SD 288 932
Elevation; 120 m (391 feet)
Size; 85m x 70m (230 x 280 feet)
Area; 0.35 hectares (0.85 acres)
Depth; 1.5m (5 feet)
Meaning of name; the tarn of Kelly Hall
Alternative name(s);  

Named after a nearby house that has since been demolished, Kelly Hall Tarn is a nice little tarn amongst glaciated debris on Torver Back Common. It is only 200 yards from the Torver-Water Yeat road, yet there is no clue to its presence if one didn't know about it. There is a car park opposite the Lakeland Landrover showrooms, from which a footpath leads onto the common.

The tarn itself is pleasant enough, however the views offered across it to the west make a fine backdrop to augment it. There is a small stand of trees on the western shore.