Moss Dub

Type; Natural
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Location; Ennerdale
Accessibility; Forestry Land, footpath access
Grid Ref; NY 145 137
Elevation; 137m (451 feet)
Size; 165 x 84 m (550 x 295 feet)
Area; 0.79 hectares (1.94 acres)
Depth; 1m (3 feet)
Meaning of name; bog pool
Alternative name(s);

Moss Dub lies within the Forestry land upstream from Ennerdale Water. Surrounded by rhododendrons and coniferous woodland, it is a small, shallow tarn, beside and slightly higher than the River Liza which flows down to Ennerdale Water. Access is from the head of Ennerdale Water via forest trails. The old footpath beside the river has been obliterated when the storms of November 2008 caused the River Liza to change its course, now flowing over the old footpath.

Due to the tightly packed woodland around the tarn, clear views are impossible. The best angle is from the west, looking along the outflow which takes a few interesting twists and turns.