Ratherheath Tarn

Type; Artificial
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Location; near Burneside
Accessibility; Private
Grid Ref; SD 484 958
Elevation; 108m (355 feet)
Size; 330 x 150 m (1070 x 502 feet)
Area; 2.0 hectares (4.9 acres)
Depth; 3.5m (12 feet)
Meaning of name; tarn on the top of the edge
Alternative name(s);

Ratherheath Tarn is an artificial tarn beside Ratherheath Lane. It is a curious shape, almost being two tarns either side of a wooded headland, and impossible to see all of it at once. A fishing lake, it has several pitches in the form of short jetties. These are not excessively intrusive, however, and it remains an attractive tarn surrounded by mixed woodland.

It is private so no access is technically possible. However, it is right beside the road so the southern section can easily be seen from there. When I visited I just asked a fisherman if anyone would mind me going into the enclosure and was told "Go ahead" - so I did. There is also a footpath across Rather Heath, which passes close to the northern section - I'll investigate that too some time.