Angle Tarn (Langdale)

Type; Natural
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Location; west of Great Langdale
Accessibility; Access land. Footpaths from Great Langdale and Borrowdale.
Grid Ref; NY 244 076
Elevation; 568m (1868 feet)
Size; 224m x 224m (736 x 735 feet)
Area; 3.24 hectares (8.0 acres)
Depth; 15m (49 feet)
Meaning of name; fishing tarn
Alternative name(s); none

A fine example of a corrie tarn, Angle Tarn lies at the foot of Hanging Knotts to the north of Bow Fell. The nearest access is from Great Langdale, following a footpath up the valley of Mickleden, or from Seathwaite (Borrowdale) following footpaths via Esk Hause.

Unfortunately, the location makes decent photos harder to get than for many other tarns. It is surrounded by a high ridge all around the southern shore and well around the eastern and western shores too. The last three photos were taken at the end of a days walk in November, so the tarn was well and truly in shadow - with a bright sky above and behind. The first two are better, having been taken from the south & south-west during a descent from Bow Fell although with a bright, sunny day and cludless sky the light was rather harsh.