Baystone Bank Reservoir

Type; Reservoir - demolished
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Location; 3½ miles north of Millom
Accessibility; Private, but footpath leads to the dam
Grid Ref; SD 171 859
Elevation; 82 m (269 feet)
Size; was 285m x 150m (950 x 500 feet)
Area; was 3.2 hectares (7.9 acres)
Depth; now nil
Meaning of name;  
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A small reservoir on Baystone Bank, near Millom on the south Lakes, Baystone Bank was constructed between 1876 and 1877. It was retired from active use around 1996 and was then used as a trout fishery. In 2011, United Utilities commenced work to drain the reservoir, demolish the dam and restore the valley to, as close as can be ascertained, its original appearance.

According to a bulletin on United Utilities website, considerable work has been planned/undertaken to protect wildlife that has come to depend on the reservoir;
Trout and eels have been moved to a fishing reservoir at Hodbarrow. Spring Quillwort, a rare plant which grew on the reservoir bottom, has been carefully removed and stored, to be replanted at the Baystone Bank site in due course. A number of pools of water will be constructed in the vicinity, to provide the indigenous Daubenton bats with an alternative hunting ground.

These photos were taken when I visited the site in 2008, I plan to revisit it in the future to take some comparative photos. Apparently there will still be some evidence of the reservoir, it'll be interesting to see if I can spot it.