Blea Tarn (Eskdale)

Type; Natural
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Location; ½ mile north of Beckfoot, Eskdale
Accessibility; Access land, footpath from Beckfoot
Grid Ref; NY 165 010
Elevation; 217m (712 feet)
Size; 277m x 150m (900 x 490 feet)
Area; 3.3 hectares (8 acres)
Depth; 5m (16 feet)
Meaning of name; dark blue tarn
Alternative name(s);

Blea Tarn is a common name in the Lakes, there being three of them - plus a Blea Water. This one, on the ridge between Eskdale and Miterdale is the least accessible - only because it involves the steepest climb, it is not a great distance from the road.

Set in a glaciated depression under Bleatarn Hill, it is a not unattractive stretch of water, offering views south-west to lower Eskdale and the Irish Sea. It has no inflow on the surface, being fed by water running though the subsoil off the fells but the outfall is a good stream flowing south-west to join the River Esk.