Blea Tarn (Langdale)

Type; Natural
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Location; between Great and Little Langdale valleys
Accessibility; Access land, National Trust car park 220 yards
Grid Ref; NY 293 044
Elevation; 183m (600 feet)
Size; 279m x 170m (906 x 552 feet)
Area; 3.7 hectares (9.2 acres)
Depth; 7m (23 feet)
Meaning of name; dark blue tarn
Alternative name(s);

This Blea Tarn (there being two more of the same name) is the easiest to access and, arguably, the most attractive of the three. Situated in a small valley just south of the mountain pass between the valleys of Great and Little Langdale the road runs close by and the National Trust operate a small (pay & display) car park right by the start of the path to the tarn.

The path runs around the southern and western flanks of the tarn whilst the rest of the shore is accessible, although often boggy especially around the inflow at the northern end. The outflow is to the south, flowing down Bleamoss Beck to join the River Brathay upstream of Little Langdale Tarn.

The location of Blea Tarn is superb photographically, with a lovely view across the tarn to the Langdale Pikes on the skyline to the north. A nice stand of trees occupies the western flank with one standing slightly apart from the rest on a small promontory as if intended to give middle-ground interest. Just to the east of the outfall, there is even a fence jutting out into the water, providing a wonderful leadline.