Boretree Tarn

Type; Natural, extended by damming
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Location; ¾ mile west of Finsthwaite
Accessibility; access land except for south shore, but no footpaths
Grid Ref; SD 354 873
Elevation; 208m (682 feet)
Size; 425m x 250m (1380 x 800 feet)
Area; 4.2 hectares (10.4 acres)
Depth; 12m (40 feet)
Meaning of name;
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On the southern slopes of Yew Barrow, above Town End on the lower Windermere valley, Boretree Tarn is a reservoir. Prior to being dammed in the late 18th century it was three smaller tarns.

On my first visit the light wasn't ideal, so I settled for a few shots from the south-west but another visit will be called for - most of the western & northern sides are rough ground but it is access land so should present little difficulty.