Borrans Reservoir

Type; Reservoir
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Location; High Borrans, near Windermere
Accessibility; Private, part of High Borrans Outdoor Education Centre
Grid Ref; NY 429 010
Elevation; 198m (650 feet)
Size; 358m x 150m (1165 x 490 feet)
Area; 3.25 hectares (8 acres)
Depth; 6m (19½ feet)
Meaning of name;
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Borrans Reservoir was constructed in the 1880s by damming the valley of the River Gowan, flooding the low lying swampy ground around it and creating the deep lake that we have today. The idea was to sell water to the mills further down river at Staveley, who were making things like cotton bobbins for the mills of Lancashire. Eventually it was taken over by the Water Board, now United Utilities as part of the water supply for Windermere – this is no longer used.