Brothers Water
Type; Natural
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Location; near Hartsop, between Kirkstone Pass and Ullswater
Accessibility; Access Land, footpath and parking at Cow Bridge
Grid Ref; NY 402 127
Elevation; 157m (515 feet)
Size; 598m x 432m (1950 x 1400 feet)
Area; 19.07 hectares (47.13 acres)
Depth; unknown
Meaning of name; lake of the brothers?
Alternative name(s); Brotherwater (1671), Broad Water (1777)

The origin of the name, Brothers Water, is unclear. Legend has it that it was renamed from Broad Water in the 19th century when 2 brothers drowned while swimming in the lake. However, there is also an indication that it had the name Brotherwater in the 1600s, before receiving the name Broad Water.

Whatever the origin of the name Brothers Water remains an attractive lake at the northern foot of Kirkstone Pass, visible from the top of the pass. The main road runs close to the eastern shore, although there is some access to the shoreline from partway along. Better access may be had by parking at Cow Bridge, some 300 yards north of the lake. From here, a track leads past the lake towards Hartsop Hall, a National Trust property.

When the lake is still it offers superb views of the fells around, with good reflections in the water. The south-eastern corner is becoming well-stocked with water lilies.