Devoke Water

Type; Natural
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Location; Birker Fell, Western Lakes
Accessibility; Access Land
Grid Ref; SD 159 969
Elevation; 236m (774 feet)
Size; 1.2 x 0.4 Km (0.75 x 0.25 miles)
Area; 34.6 hectares (85.5 acres)
Depth; 14m (46 feet)
Meaning of name; probably from the Old Welsh "dubaco", the dark one
Alternative name(s); Duvokeswater (c 1240)

Devoke Water, the largest of the Lakeland tarns, is situated in a bleak location on the western end of Birker Fell. The shoreline is mostly marshy and there is a boathouse at the eastern end. Although the boathouse is in good condition, the attached stable is collapsed.

Although the setting is bleak now, it wasn't always. Originally the fells around were heavily wooded, the forests being cleared by Neolithic man. There are remains of many ancient settlements on the fells in the area.