Dock Tarn

Type; Natural
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Location; Watendlath Fell
Accessibility; Access Land
Grid Ref; NY 273 143
Elevation; 407m (1355 feet)
Size; 243m x 123m (800 x 400 feet)
Area; 2.0 hectares (4.9 acres)
Depth; 5m (17 feet)
Meaning of name; water lily tarn
Alternative name(s); Docketerne (1210)

An attractive little tarn, complete with an island, Dock Tarn is to be found amongst the broken ground of Watendlath Fell. It may be accessed via the marked footpath from Watendlath. The shoreline is varied, with rocky outcrops to the west and heather-clad slopes to the east.

The light when I made my first visit was most unfavourable and I was short of time as well, so a further visit will be required to get better light and spend more time exploring angles around the tarn.