Innominate Tarn

Type; Natural
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Location; Haystacks
Accessibility; Access Land
Grid Ref; NY 197 129
Elevation; 528 m (1733 feet)
Size; 78m x 67m (256 x 220 feet)
Area; 0.4 hectares (1 acre)
Depth; 2m (6½ feet)
Meaning of name; nameless tarn
Alternative name(s); Loaf Tarn

At one time this lovely little tarn, high up on the southern flank of Haystacks, was known as Loaf Tarn because the clumps of peat in it resemble risen bread. However most people didn't know this name and it became known as the nameless tarn, eventually receiving the official name Innominate Tarn. There were proposals to rename it Wainwright's Tarn as a memorial to the late A. Wainwright since Haystacks was the great fellwalker's favourite mountain and his ashes are scattered at Innominate, however those who knew the old man argued against it. AW himself had said "Innominate Tarn is a nice name and should be left."

The tarn may be accessed via the footpath which crosses Haystacks, climbing from Buttermere, Gatesgarth or Honister to the north or Ennerdale to the south. Some 800 feet below, to the south, is Black Sail Hut, the most remote youth hostel in the UK

A fine example of a summit tarn, Innominate lies just south south-east of Haystacks summit, surrounded by low rock outcrops. It has a few small islands and a wonderful vista across the head of Ennerdale Valley towards Pillar. There are a few small pools of water around to the south-east which are also worth a look, especially a small round basin slightly higher and to the east of the main tarn.