Lanty Tarn

Type; Natural
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Location; Martindale
Accessibility; Access Land
Grid Ref; NY 436 190
Elevation; 236 m (774 feet)
Size; very small
Depth; 1m (3 feet)
Meaning of name; possibly Launcelot's Tarn
Alternative name(s);

Lanty Tarn (as opposed to Lanty's Tarn) is a small tarn in Martindale to the east of Ullswater. It can be found by following the footpath around the back of St Peter's Church, Martindale. Descriptions vary, one of my sources claimed it's dried up and the aerial view appears to reflect this. However, another source suggested that it does contain water with a mixed rock and reed shoreline.

Well, here's the proof - the second source was correct. The reed growth is encroaching into the water, but it definitely contains water. Visited on a dull day, it wasn't very inspiring but given some decent light the setting could be quite attractive.