Low Water

Type; Natural
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Location; Coniston Old Man
Accessibility; Access Land
Grid Ref; SD 274 982
Elevation; 547 m (1795 feet)
Size; 213m x 131m (700 x 430 feet)
Area; 2.1 hectares (5.15 acres)
Depth; 14m (46 feet)
Meaning of name;
Alternative name(s);

Low Water is a spectacular corrie tarn under the steep north-western crags of Coniston Old Man. Deepened in 1713 it used to supply the water for processing and power for the Brandy Crag Quarry in the valley below. The remains of the aqueduct can still be seen below the outfall. The old earth & stone dam is now breached and the tarn reverted to its original depth.

The most spectacular angles for photographing Low Water are from above - it can be seen from the ridge between Brim Fell Rake and the Old Man, as well as from the steep, rough path between Old Man and Coniston village. The shores of the tarn can be reached from the latter path, too. It really needs morning light though, to throw light on the crags to the south and west.