Sprinkling Tarn

Type; Natural
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Location; under Great End, Central Fells
Accessibility; Access Land
Grid Ref; NY 227 091
Elevation; 598m (1962 feet)

260 x 214 m (845 x 696 feet)

Area; 2.41 hectares (5.94 acres)
Depth; 9m (30 feet)
Meaning of name; sparkling tarn
Alternative name(s); Prentibioutern, poss. Sprentaburn (from old Norse, 14th c),
Sparkling Tarn (1774)

Situated under the north side of Great End, beside the footpath between Sty Head and Esk Hause, Sprinkling Tarn is a gem. Almost split in two by a promontory to the northern end and with grassy shores, it had fine views of Great End to the south and Great Gable to the north-west.

Sprinkling Tarn is hopefully still populated by Vendace, the rarest freshwater fish in the UK. Derwent Water, the only remaining place in the UK where they have been known to exist naturally, is becoming too warm for them so 25,000 hatchlings were transferred up to the cooler waters of Sprinkling Tarn in April 2011 following an earlier move of 200 adult fish in 2005. Another transfer to Loch Skene, in Scotland, in the 1990s was very successful.

The light wasn't brilliant on my March 2012 visit, so I do think that a revisit will be called for (possibly with a better camera than my Canon G5, which I took in preference to my DSLRs for lightness) to really do it credit. From the top of Great End looks particularly tempting.