Wythburn Head Tarns

Type; Natural
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Location; Wythburn valley
Accessibility; Access Land
Grid Ref; NY 304 114
Elevation; 406m (1332 feet)

very small

Depth; 1m (3 feet)
Meaning of name; tarns at the top of willow tree valley
Alternative name(s);

As the Wyth Burn leaves a flat, marshy area named The Bog and its course starts to steepen, it reaches a flat peat-filled bowl retained by a glacial moraine. Where the burn has followed an s-shaped course, the bends have opened out into a number of shallow pools. These collectively are known as the Wythburn Head Tarns.

The tarns themselves are not particularly impressive, especially when seen on a dull day like my visit, however the walk up from Steel End passes several pleasing waterfalls as the burn descends between Black Crag and Castle Crag, which are worth a visit in the right conditions.