Angle Tarn (Patterdale)

Type; Natural
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Location; east of Patterdale
Accessibility; Access land. Footpaths from Hartsop and Patterdale.
Grid Ref; NY 417 143
Elevation; 479m (1571 feet)
Size; 385m x 260m (1260 x 850 feet)
Area; 5.9 hectares (14.6 acres)
Depth; 9m (30 feet)
Meaning of name; fishing tarn; the tarn shaped like a fishhook
Alternative name(s); none

Angle Tarn is to be found 1 mile (as the crow flies) east of Hartsop, in Patterdale. It can be accessed via footpaths from Patterdale village or from Hartsop, via Hayeswater.

It is a very attractive tarn set on a medium height plateau with a mixture of crags and rolling grassy slopes surrounding it. The shoreline is varied, with bays and peninsulas, and there are some islands in the tarn.