Blea Tarn (Wythburn Fells)

Type; Natural
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Location; 1.5 miles south-west of Watendlath
Accessibility; Access land
Grid Ref; NY 291 140
Elevation; 478m (1568 feet)
Size; 531m x 245m (1725 x 800 feet)
Area; 7.8 hectares (19.25 acres)
Depth; 13m (43 feet)
Meaning of name; dark blue tarn
Alternative name(s);

This Blea Tarn (there being two more of the same name) is located in a depression on the fells between the hamlet of Watendlath and Ullscarf on the Wythburn Fells. The outfall is to the north, winding its way down across Watendlath Fell to finally reach Watendlath Tarn.

The tarn can be accessed via a footpath which runs from Watendlath to Dobgill Bridge on the western shore of Thirlmere reservoir - there is a car park at each end. This path runs along the north-western shore of Blea Tarn, offering views across the tarn towards Coldbarrow Fell and Ullscarf.